Legal Updates for January 2017

Are Individuals Who Work For Sharing Economy Businesses Employees Or Independent Contractors?

With the emergence of app-based companies such as Uber, Grab, Go Get, Kaodim and AirBnB, which provide digital platforms connecting individual service providers to clients, these individuals service providers are able to offer their services to clients as and when there is demand for the same.

Individual service providers are often thought to be self-employed or independent contractors. They are perceived as having the freedom to pick and choose the types of work that they wish to take on and they are not bound by restrictions which apply to an employee, for example standard working hours, fixed places of work and how the work is done.

However, is this really the case for companies that use digital platforms to connect the individual service provider with clients?

Competition Bites - ASEAN & Beyond

2016, although a difficult year which saw new limits being pushed, remained one where competition regulators have been very busy, as was the last quarter. We strongly advocate businesses remain apprised of the competition developments and legislative changes as we move into the new year, to avoid any competition issues in their business activities and dealings. This is particularly critical for companies with businesses across many countries.