Legal Updates for May 2020

Guide to Medical Device Commercialisation in the Malaysia Market

During this Covid-19 pandemic, we frequently hear the term “ventilator” on the news as it is an important piece of medical equipment that assists in the case of respiratory failure due to Covid-19-related lung infections. It is undeniable that medical devices are important in safeguarding the well-being of the human population, and hence, they must be manufactured according to prescribed rules and regulations, and properly tested before they enter the market.

This Update provides an overview of how medical devices are regulated in Malaysia.

Pharmaceutical Product Registration and Cosmetic Product Notification in Malaysia

As the global COVID-19 cases continue to rise, researchers around the world are racing to understand the virus and working to roll out an effective vaccine.

In this Update, we look at the general requirements and procedure for pharmaceutical product registration and also cosmetic product notification in Malaysia.

Business As Usual During COVID-19: Legal Considerations of E-Signing Documents

Following the Prime Minister’s latest announcement that the Conditional Movement Control Order (“CMCO”) has been extended until 9 June 2020 (but with further industries and businesses gradually opening up since the start of the CMCO on 4 May 2020), companies and organisations are increasingly compelled by circumstances to adopt new and innovative ways to resume business. Work from home arrangements have been widely implemented across industries to support the Government’s call to practice social distancing in response to the COVID-19 outbreak in Malaysia. In light of the present circumstances, companies and organisations (essential and non-essential services alike) have now turned towards “e-signing” to facilitate the signing and execution of documents in the commercial context. In this client update, we analyse and address some of the legal issues related to the use of electronic signatures.”).